Guten Abend Beijing – Guten Tag Köln
liángxiāo Beijing – nǐmenhǎo Köln

dance | media scenography | soundart | interactive installation

Two dancers, two stages, two media scenographies, one interactive dialogue –in between a distance of 1900 miles. Duosi Zhu – ballet dancer oft the Semper Opera Dresden and guest dancer in Cologne – and Michael Maurissens – choreographer and dancer of the Michael Douglas Company and guest in Beijing – are drawing poetic cyphers with their gestures into the space – synchronously onto the stage in Cologne and onto the stage in Beijing.

A pas de deux in virtual space that bridges two continents with three dimensional animated paintings, visual rhythms and a poetic communication of closeness and at the same time of distance. A direct exchange between dance, soundart and interactive settings.
A new form of choreography. The digital code transports the message.

Using 3D-engines like the x-Box, a motion-capture-system and the internet a German-Chinese team of artists, musicians and informaticians are connecting two worlds.

The piece was first performed synchronous in Cologne and Beijing September 14th and 15th 2012 (partner: Renmin University of China RUC Beijing).

In addition the public of both cities were performing together.

Team Cologne

visual art: Matthias Gerding, Alexander Rechberg (Bildtonfabrik+KHM)

dance+choreography: Duosi Zhu, Semper Opera; Michael Maurissens MDC/KHM

sound art: Sven Hahne/nanaoschlaf and Prof. Zhao Fang Beijing

stage design: Sina Seifee (KHM)

3D-animation /x-Box programming / motion capture: Thomas Kombüchen (undev Berlin),

internet programming: David Murmann (Bildtonfabrik+KHM),

video-documentation and helping hand: Wonbaek Shin, Chih Ming Fan (KHM)

art direction+project coordination: Heide Hagebolling and Luis Negrón van Grieken (KHM).

interactive sound performance for public animation:

Team Beijing

artists: Tianran Duan, Li Zhe (E_MEDIA Beijing), Ge Yong, Gan Hua

chinese sound art: Zhan Fang

project supervisor: Tong Yan

Special program: Long Way Home

an audio-visual installation by Katharina Klemm and Gerald Schauder

Thanks to:

Maren Mildner, Lutz Mennicken, Bernd Voss, Bob o’Kane

Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln / Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Bildtonfabrik Cologne + undev Berlin

Kulturdezernat und Auslandsdezernat der Stadt Köln

Kunststiftung Nordrhein Westfalen

Bühnen der Stadt Köln

Renmin University of China RUC Beijing for its kind hospitality and partnership